A promising view

Here you can see Above Ground. Continue to Below Ground here.

The CARNUNTUM wine-growing region is one of the world's most historical.
A magnificent cultural landscape that is cooled down ideally by the Danube at night. The Pannonian micro-climate, which is mainly determined by nearby Lake Neusiedl, provides high temperatures during the day in summer and lets the grapes mature harmoniously.

Carnuntum – that's legends, myths and a plethora of stories. In order to grasp the vibrating power of this land, you have to experience it. To feel it.At any time of day or night your senses will be working overtime. You will be inspired by the surface, but you should also take a look below ground. It is the soils that work their magic on our wines with their multitude of aromas. Tertiary sandy sediments (age group 2.6m plus – in other words, the best agers of our soils), lime-rich brown earth soils, gravelly upper layers from the Ur-Danube and
and wet-behind-the-ears (10,000 years) loess soils. Amidst all this, there are our vineyards and take in all these energies.

It is our calling to tell this story in liquid form.